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My Divine Tarot Journey

With over 15 years of dedicated practice and a personal journey that began in 2004, I have delved deep into the mystic realm of tarot and psychic insight. Tarot, a captivating deck of 78 cards, each possessing a unique image and profound meaning, has been my guiding light throughout this transformative voyage. The deck is divided into two sacred sections: the Major Arcana, a collection of 22 cards representing pivotal life events and profound themes, and the Minor Arcana, offering subtle yet potent insights into the intricacies of our daily existence. Having once sought answers from tarot readers and psychics during my studies in the United States, I now proudly stand as a seasoned tarot reader and psychic, ready to share my wisdom and guidance with you. Our journey together is an exploration of the mystical and the profound, as we uncover the secrets that the cards hold and illuminate the path to your divine destiny."

Our Featured Tarot Insights

Tarot Reading for 90 Minutes

INR 3,500/-

Roasted Lamb with Seasoned Potatoes

Tarot Reading for 45 Minutes

INR 2,500/-

Guidance Plan

INR 300/- per question

Loved by Many Querents

"Having experienced a tarot reading with Priyadarshini, I am truly impressed by her insightful interpretations and intuitive guidance. The session was not only accurate but also provided me with valuable insights into various aspects of my life. I highly recommend her tarot reading services for anyone seeking clarity and guidance."
Shubham Sharma
"Priyadarshini ( I call her PD) - Her readings are accurate to point , be it my job or any other personal life problems - she has always helped me get out of it like a miracle. Something which shocks me is that she is 100% accurate with her predictions and readings."
"I've been facing a few problems, and I've known Priya since 2016. I've realized that she's always there to guide me if something is going wrong in my life. Her predictions align with her guidance, and it has consistently been amazing. Thank you so much for your help always🧿"
Aditi Malhotra
"Priyadarshini - Unlocking destinies, one card at a time. Your Tarot magic weaves the threads of insight and mystery, revealing the unseen paths of the future. A friend with cards is a friend with wisdom. Its not only the cards its the motivation and the empathy you share gives a lot of hope and support."
Sandeep Sinha
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